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city tour 1

city tour 1

Duration: Full Day (09; 00-22; 00 Hrs.) 
Guide Available: English, Arabic, Turkish

• Miniatürk  
Minya Turk Museum and Park in Istanbul houses a large number of Turkey sights in designs 
Very miniature will not exceed the length of your child, and those attractions include palaces, gardens, bridges, and buildings 

• Panorama ISTANBUL 
This museum takes you back 560 years to reflect what happened in the battle of the conquest of Constantinople when it entered the Ottoman army at the head of Mehmed the Conqueror, in a distinctive interesting style instead of recounting the battle 

• Eyüp Sultan Cami 
An ancient Ottoman mosque located in the Ayyub region on the European side of Istanbul, outside the walls of Constantinople, built in 1458, the first mosque built by the Ottomans in Istanbul after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 

• teleferik eyüp sultan 
Eyup Sultan features the highest hill of Piara Lotte, which offers a magnificent view of the Golden Horn Bay connected to the Bosphorus, in the center of Istanbul.